On Bowie

When enrolling in a semester-long seminar centered around David Bowie, I was vastly ignorant to the multitude of work created by the artist in his nearly fifty year career. My parents, though neither of them regular concert-goers by the time I was born, in their youth, fell more naturally into the British-invasion and hippie veins […]

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Tin Machine and Bowie’s “Uncanny” Shape-Shifting Ability

Following the booming commercial success of his 1983 hit album Let’s Dance, David Bowie found himself in an artistic funk. His two succeeding studio albums, Tonight (1984) and Never Let Me Down (1987) did not boast the chart-topping of the popularity of the previous record, and left Bowie musically disillusioned. Seeking creative revitalization, the star […]

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The Cycle of Stardom: A Closer Look at “The Stars Are Out Tonight”

After ten years of silence on the front of solo projects, in 2013, David Bowie released two single tracks in quick succession, each accompanied by a short film. The first, titled “Where Are We Now,” appeared unexpectedly on the Internet on the artist’s birthday, without announcement or warning. The second, “The Stars Are Out Tonight,” […]

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The Diary of Nathan Adler: A Literary Analysis of Bowie’s Clever Criticisms

David Bowie’s nineteenth studio album 1. Outside was released in September 1995. The concept album resulted from the collaborative explorations of Bowie and Brian Eno. The album is branded with a self-portrait and accompanied by a brief segment of fictitious prose titled The Diary of Nathan Adler, both created at Bowie’s hand. The nineteen tracks […]

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